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Making deals at www.eamcvina.com & www.eamcvina.vn

Customers who purchase products on the website of Dong A Mineral Joint Stock Company www.eamcvina.com & www.eamcvina.vn please perform order and receive goods in the following order:

Step 1: Customers request to quote (in case of not having price) or place an order (when the price is available), provide complete and authentic information.

Step 2: East Asia Mineral Joint Stock Company performs the required quotation via email provided by the customer or via fax.

Step 3: Confirm customer information (phone, message, email).

Step 4: Pay according to agreement between supplier and customer.

Step 5: Shipping.

Step 6: Customers receive goods.

In these cases, customers can look up transaction information via email to customers' mailboxes registered with www.eamcvina.com & www.eamcvina.vn. In case customers want to edit information, they should inform Dong A Minerals Joint Stock Company via hotline phone numbers on the website. Customers note: When participating in one of the above purchase methods at www.eamcvina.com & www.eamcvina.vn means that customers have accepted all terms of our goods and services.

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