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Thank you for visiting the website www.eamcvina.com & www.eamcvina.vn operated by Dong A Mineral Joint Stock Company. Website is the property, owned by Dong A Mineral Joint Stock Company. Any act of copying content partially or wholly is considered unauthorized.

To build a reputable and quality website and best serve all your requirements, after accessing www.eamcvina.com & www.eamcvina.vn website and before participating in the information search. Products, customers please refer to the policies and incentives of www.eamcvina.com & www.eamcvina.vn


1. Policy.

East Asia Minerals Joint Stock Company builds the above website with the aim of bringing stone powder product information and the Company closer to customers. Therefore, all information in Eamcvina.com and Eamcvina.vn website is only information of Dong A Mineral Joint Stock Company. Our website is just a product information website, not the e-commerce or sales website. Please contact our sales staff directly for assistance and advice when having questions about our products and our company.


2.Changes on the Website.

When you visit our website, you agree to these terms, www.eamcvina.com & www.eamcvina.vn reserves the right to change, edit, add or remove any part. in the Terms and Conditions of Use, at any time. Changes are effective immediately upon posting on this Website without prior notice. And when you continue to use the site, after changes in regulations and conditions are posted, it means that you also accept those changes.

3. Customer comments.

All website content and your critical comments are our property. If we find false information, non-transparent information or sensitive information related to political activities in the territory of Vietnam or other countries, we will apply restrictive measures. poster's information.

4. General rules for website visitors.

Website Eamcvina.com and Eamcvina.vn is a website about super fine white stone powder as well as information of the company that owns: East Asia Mineral Joint Stock Company.

Individuals, organizations other than owners and authorized persons of the owners of the website must not cancel or change part or all of the content of this website. In the case of a violation, the visitor will have to compensate for the actual damage caused.


Individuals and organizations accessing this website agree that we will use the collected information when individuals or organizations voluntarily fill out the forms or access operations on this website as prescribed. at information security.

While accessing this website, if visitors notice abnormal signs, they should stop access immediately to avoid possible damage to the visitor. If the visitor continues to access, we are not responsible for damages that occur to the visitor. However, we will check the website and fix the abnormal signs in the shortest time immediately after knowing or being notified.


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