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Website www.eamcvina.com & www.eamcvina.vn is owned by East Asia Minerals Joint Stock Company (EAMC), with the aim of introducing and providing our product information to customers.

In order to ensure website safety and information security for visitors, EAMC offers a number of information security policies for individual and organizational customers when accessing www.eamcvina.com & www.eamcvina website. .vn is as follows:

We may revise, update or supplement this policy at any time. The revision takes effect at the time we update it. After the privacy policy is updated, customers still use the Website www.eamcvina.com & www.eamc.vn, which means they understand and agree with our new Privacy Policy.

Purpose of collecting information

Information gathering through the website www.eamcvina.com & www.eamcvina.vn will help us

    Capture the aspirations and desires of customers to improve services.
    Support customers when having complaints and comments in the fastest way.

Scope of information collection

www.eamcvina.com & www.eamcvina.vn collect customer information including:

  * Full name
  * Email address
  * Phone
  * Province, City
  * Address

Scope of use of information

We attach great importance to the confidentiality of customer information, so we are committed to not arbitrarily using customer information for the purpose of not benefiting customers, we are committed to not exchanging confidential information. of the customer to any third party. However, in the following special cases, we may reasonably share guest information when:
    Get the customer's consent.
    To protect the rights of the company and its partners: We only provide personal information of our customers when making sure that such information can protect the rights and property of the company. We and related partners. This information will be legally disclosed in accordance with the Laws of Vietnam.
    At the request of government agencies when we find it in accordance with Vietnamese law.
    In some cases, it is necessary to provide other customer information, such as promotions sponsored by a third party, we will notify customers before your information. to shared. You have the right to decide whether or not to agree to share information or participate.

Time to store information

EAMC will store Personal Information provided by Customer in the course of providing services to Customer or until completion of the purpose of collection or when Customer requests to cancel the information provided.

Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information

East Asia Mineral Joint Stock Company

Address: Vila 106, Phu Tho villas, Nghi Phu commune, Vinh City, Nghe An province
Tax code: 2901264065
Phone: +84 238 3986 888 - Fax: +84 238 3987 888
E-mail: [email protected]

Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data.

Customers can perform the above rights by accessing the website by themselves or contacting us via email or contact information published on the website www.eamcvina.com & www.eamcvina.vn.

Commitment to protect customer personal information

        We are committed to ensuring the safety of information for our customers when registering personal information with our company. We are committed to not exchanging and buying and selling customer information for commercial purposes. Any sharing and use of customer information we commit to comply with the company's privacy policy. We are committed to making you feel confident and satisfied about the privacy of personal information when participating and using the services of our company.

         In order to best protect customer information, we recommend that you restrict access to your account by automatic login, pay attention to the backup mode of your password and make sure you log out of your account when using a shared computer. to login account on our website. We will not be liable when your personal information is leaked for the above reasons.
         Privacy policy only applies to the information you register on the official website www.eamcvina.com & www.eamcvina.vn of our company. All information registered by you at the websites or other addresses is not within the scope of this Privacy Policy.

Contact information:

We always welcome comments, contacts and feedback from you about this "Privacy Policy". If you have any questions please contact us by email: [email protected]

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